Industrial design or creating a product

Conceptual designs of the product

Everything starts with a thought, from the idea instilled for a certain purpose. This is your need. Need for possession, need for use. I have similar, but for me it is a need for constant creation. Conceptual design is a translation of an idea into an image, it is created by the creation of manual thoughts on a sheet, then the model comes. We convert the model into visualization. What is on this project? Shape, form, details, colors and above all the image of its use. Let’s focus! on what? On the needs of the product and how to finish it.

Conceptual design very often goes into the form of an implementation project, often in the form of a file. The same as the conceptual design.

The effect, as mentioned above, can be a drawing or a file: Stl if the product is to be printed in 3d or milled, dxf if cut out on the table, Igs or Stp if it is to be a production model.

Model for printing and milling

I will not present tools. The effect is important. When designing models, I focus on the need for its implementation. Each of the models is designed with a view to its implementation. So if you want to commission me to design a product for you, we need to determine how you want to do it besides your needs.

3D printing: here, working long-term, I suggest the simplest and the best solutions. I can also recommend one of the 3d printers for which I work.

Milling is art. Do you remember how once everyone loved 3d milling machines? I suggest to review, for example, Youtube and familiarize yourself with the technology of 5 axes: x, y, z, a, d. The machines work in these axes. If we are working on a model to be milled, please let me know what equipment we will do.

IT is a piece of furniture

Yes, a piece of furniture, a form that many consider to be simple. And defakto is. Is it a plate, plywood or wood. Or maybe metal? I make furniture designs, both simple ones, furniture “for the people” or in other words called budget, as well as furniture for Pro or Premium customers, as we usually call them.

When designing a piece of furniture, I focus on its durability, form and utility character. At the end you can receive model files (eg igs, stp) or drawings. Drawings on the table for cutting out individual elements are among the drawings. The whole thing just let go on the table and then put together.

If you do not want to spread, the documentation can consist of individual, drawn plates with holes, their diameters and depths as well as the place of their execution. However, you must provide this information at the beginning of our cooperation.

Utility designs are more and more often designed by people like me. You choose a topic and expect a finished product at a fixed price. The product can be different, from the laptop stand, through attachments to cameras such as GoPro Hero, stands, watches, clocks, patterns of felt felts … There are no restrictions here. The limitation is the need to be met.

Do you need a gadget? Product? Let your ideas come true.

Yes, each of the products that are designed should be prototyped. Do not forget about this essential element of each process. The prototype mainly serves to detect any irregularities, whether due to material or machine changes. The prototype does not always go perfectly well the first time, but it does not mean that the project is bad. In cooperation, this is a necessary condition for me not to start eg low or multi-series production without the implementation of a prototype element. What if this action is not taken? There are many risks associated with the production of the product and letting the production of the object from the project without a prototype and possible adjustments may end up unsuccessful.



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