Me the creator

My name is Krzysztof and I am an architect. This is my academic education, my master’s degree as at today ended my adventure with the university. Education in this direction gives you great opportunities, you do not necessarily have to build buildings with enthusiasm and dedication to designing them.

I focus mostly on topics circulating around architecture and in a few of them I have specialized in particular.

Studies are a time of reluctance and diligence at the same time. Working on projects was so addictive that it absorbed more and more time. However, the computer and drawing board did not take me away from life: Bar work (not at the bar), demobilization of several vehicles and visual tuning of car parts gave me a sense of accomplishment for those years, more than 10 years ago. In the end, my experiences have led me to painting: airbrush or artistic painting.

I am an architect and I take pride in it, with several years of experience in architecture design – that’s how I started. The real adventure really started when I made the decision to accept the freelancer work system. Freelancer is associated with a job when she wants what she wants and where she wants? This approach is incorrect, I assure. The freelancer always works when needed and wherever there is a condition. And the above will always be found. Work organization, rigor and a lot of hard work – this is how a freelancer’s life looks like. There were challenges and strange topics that I did not avoid – I do not avoid it until today. One of my favorite slogans, “it’s impossible to look at it” gives me an awareness of the fact that every subject can be comprehended on established terms. I’m working on models to create them from scratch. Models from armature, ceramics, small architecture, furniture through lighting, functional products to façade projects – I do. Models can be divided into production and for sharing in the network – I do both. Colorful Interior was not created to design interiors, but to create the most ordinary and unusual products. Very technical and accurate projects, and at the same time effective, but commercial. Archicad is my favorite tool. The gdl objects and their creation are not just work. It is also a satisfaction that architects from around the world use my tools.

I am not afraid of challenges, new technologies or sensitive topics – I take up every challenge, even if the chances are slim. Short terms are covered by the principle of the 3rd guidelines. If you want to discuss this topic, let’s just stay on the discussion. I work like anybody, for my knowledge, skills and experience I am getting deserved profits. When you are wondering how much you can strike my salary, think about how much you want to strike the quality of the ordered product.

My clients are companies from Poland, from Europe, but also from North America and Asia, communication is the key that allows each user to have a positive relationship. By leaving this message, I do not judge the client, I only implement his plans.

“tak, jestem artystą, i co z tego?”



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