3d models

3d models are existing objects or objects that are supposed to become reality mapped in virtual reality. They can be divided into many categories according to their purpose or industry. Just like the types of models, so the programs in which they are created is a lot. It is not art to know everyone in a small particle. Each professional modeler specializes in a given field as well as in a given software.

Starting the division, models can be lowpoly and highpoly – it is generally their complexity and weight. Being more precise, they differ from each other in the number of planes they are made of.

Models that we do can be divided into industries and types:
Architectural models
Models of furniture
Product models
Character models
Technological models

In addition to the last category, the rest I deal with in full.

Models differ in their intended use:
Models for visualization
Models for 3d printing
Models for architects
Executive models

Each model has its own format, I work and offer the following formats:

. Blend – blender file
dxf 3d – dxf files in 3d
dwg 3d – dwg in 3d
3ds-3dstudio exchange file max
Obj-Lightfront file
Collada – an acceptable file both by the blender and sketchupa
Stl models for 3d printing and for multi-axis milling machines
Fbx – a universal file format
gsm (archit object file)
Lcf- Archicad library with graphics
production files STP, IGS – also their versions STEP and IGES





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