At the beginning I wanted to welcome you to my website. You did you or did you get here because of something you are looking for. Maybe I’m the one who can help you realize your goals?
My name is Christopher and „create ideas” or else „fulfill dreams.” What you think recasting of what you can see. I work for anyone who is willing to work with me, and the phrase „can not” for me does not exist.

I am an architect with several years of experience in designing architecture – so I started. My work with design began really when I started working on their own account. They began to challenge and strange subjects are not avoided – do not avoid until now. It gave me aware that each topic is overwhelming, just appropriate to apply for its implementation. Architecture is not the only object of my actions. Or at least not the conventional. My name is sometimes architect worlds. I’m working on models to create them from scratch. From the workpiece by a volume of the urban – and vice versa. All the buildings, their details or products. Both models themselves are the product, and the end result or visualization. My yard is also the Interior (but not why it is so named his company) – a very technical and detailed projects and at the same effective.

My clients are companies from Poland, from Europe but also from North America and Asia, communication is the key that allows each user to a positive relationship. Starting from this message, do not judge a customer only I realize his intentions.

How can I help you?
Industrial Design means creating products

1. conceptual product

Everything begins with a thought of the idea inoculated for a specified purpose. That purpose is your need. The need to have, the need to use. I have a similar, but for me this is the need to constantly create. The conceptual design is to translate the idea into an image, formed by creating hand-held thoughts on paper, then comes the model. Model forging in visualization. What this project is it? Shape, form, details, colors and above all an idea of its use. Let’s focus! what? On the needs of the product and how to finish.
Conceptual design often goes in the form of a project of execution, often taking the form of a file. Just as conceptual design.
The effect as mentioned above can be a drawing or file: Stl if the product is to be printed in 3D or milled, dxf if you cut out on the table, or Igs Stp if it is to be a production model.

2.Model for printing and milling

Tools will not be presented. What is important is the effect. Designing models put on the fact that the needs of the project. Each model is designed in view of the manner of its execution. So if you want me to outsource the design for your product, we have in addition to your needs, determine how you want to do this.
3D printing: here working wieloletnio am suggesting the simplest and best solution. I can also recommend one of the 3D printing for which I work.
Milling is an art. Do you remember how once everyone loved milling 3D? I suggest you review such as Youtube and become familiar with the technology of 5 axes: x, y, z, a, d. In the working axes of the machine. If you are working on a model to be milled, please let me know what equipment it will do.

 3. THIS is a piece of furniture

Yes, a piece of furniture or form, which many consider to be simple. I defakto so. Is it a board, plywood or wood. Or maybe metal? I make furniture design, both simple furniture „for the people” or otherwise known as the budget, as well as furniture for customers Pro or Premium as we used to call them.
When designing a piece of furniture to put its strength, form and functional character. At the end you can get the model files (such as igs, stp) or drawings. Among the drawings are rozrysy on the table to cut out the individual elements. The whole is sufficient to release the stile and then put together.


Utility models are increasingly designing people like me. You choose a topic and expect the finished product at a fixed price. The product may be different from the laptop stands, by securing for cameras such as GoPro Hero, coasters, watches, clocks, patterns such as carpets felt … Here there are no limits. The limitation is the need to be fulfilled.
You need a gadget? Product? Let materialize your ideas.

5.Elevation design

Renovating the house, and the project that you receive is not as brilliant, and worse neighbor of the street has a similar home?
A common practice among the owners of the houses are so minor adjustments, consisting of elevation changes where changes are not moving construction elements. This option is ideal, for example, in a situation where we finished our wonderful house from the inside, while the outside we do not even warming.
What does the project?
Elevation drawings, described and dimensioned. If necessary, the technical description. Drawings is enough to sufficiently show all the applied solution.

     6.Interior design

Renovating the house, but you’re not sure of your strength? Nothing simpler, please call or email and you will learn everything. Projects that are doing technical projects, that is, if you hire a team or alone begin to perform interior, easily find the documentation and implementation are done according to the project. I do not recognize „see the building.” The projects contain a pre-operation meetings and discussions, visualization and only then get down to the drawings. However, doing all the program cadowskim, BIM environment or the three-dimensional model created from the beginning to the end of the line with the actual status.
What does the project?
Drawings, described and dimensioned. If necessary, the technical description. Drawings is enough to sufficiently show all the applied solution.

7. Models 3d:

• models of high-quality mapping facts;
• Objects low poly or high poly, depending on the contract;
• When a specific purpose, models technically done in 3d printer;
• Objects divided materials;
• UV texturing of objects;
• Models are made on the basis of sketches, drawings or photographs cadowskich;
• Accuracy and detailing depend on the contracting authority;
Available file formats are the most popular:
• .blend – blender files
PLA – files archicad
dxf 3d
• 3ds -plik exchange 3DStudio
• Stl models for 3D printing and milling under
gsm (object file archicad)
Lcf– library ArchiCAD with graphics
• production files STP, IGS
8. Parametric Libraries for ArchiCAD.
The program ArchiCAD for knowing about it is not a mystery. This is a program where we can design everything. I personally do not use it only for the architecture or interior design. I design it in detail, furniture, items on a lathe or milling machine.
But let’s focus on the first two elements. Architecture and interior. We can design models, where one-click change their parameters, eg. The length of a set of bench-type waste bin, and the amount of support under the bench. We have a lamp with a bulb or five. In addition, we have a menu that is well suited for advertising, because in addition to the menu function, we can put out there advertising their business.

Settlements: Any billing doing by Paypal. You need an invoice? There is the slightest problem, give me your billing information and get it out of the international tax number.

If you have any questions or doubts, just email me and I will answer every question, dispelling any doubts. You have a project with which you can not cope? I will help.


They have trusted me